If you are staying at the Thames Riviera Hotel, Cliveden House is a fantastic option to fill a morning or afternoon. Only 5 minutes from the hotel by car – you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature here – and sample delights from the award winning restaurant!
  • WHAT IS IT? Boasting its very own maze and enchanting woodland, Cliveden Gardens is a stunning destination overlooking the River Thames.
  • HOW FAR IS IT? Cliveden house is only 3.1 miles away and just over a 5 minute drive from the hotel.

Cliveden House


Visiting a garden may seem a trifle boring for smaller tots but there is actually a lot to do here to keep little minds active.

The Storybook Play Den is a great favourite with younger children as they are free to explore a collection of popular storybook characters which have been carved from wood.

The maze is also a winner with its twirling succession of never ending paths – making the trip to the centre (and out again!) fun for the whole family!


The endless miles of woodland and gardens to explore are treat enough for the older ones.

However, Cliveden does hold events throughout the year which are very popular with children, including family camping nights and live re-enactments of what life at Cliveden house was like in the 1930s.


The beauty of the gardens throughout the seasons is reason enough to visit Cliveden House.

From formal gardens to riverside walks and stunningly vibrant borders, this is an intriguing place to visit and really very peaceful.

What’s more, the restaurant is an attraction in itself with local sourced ingredients and some very talented chefs.
As well as Cliveden House, there are many other local attractions within a short drive of the Thames Riviera hotel: