• WHAT IS IT? A prestigious and World class rowing and canoeing centre – the home of Olympic rowing!.
  • HOW FAR IS IT? Fans of rowing will be delighted to know that Dorney Lake is only 3.2 miles from the Thames Riviera Hotel and less than a 10 minute drive!

Dorney Lake


Eton College runs summer rowing courses at Dorney Lake – details of which can be requested here.
A single session at the Dorney Boat Club costs from £6.00 but for regular rowers it is cheaper to opt for an annual membership which is currently £140.

The president of the boat club is none other than Sir Matthew Pinsent, our celebrated Olympic gold medallist!

Several regattas are held here each year which would be great fun for the kids to attend.


From adult rowing sessions to sunset sculling – Dorney Lake is a mecca for boating enthusiasts! As a non-impact activity, rowing is an incredible way to build strength and fitness. The opportunity to hone your skills on world-class rowing lake is very appealing to many and a great first introduction to the sport.

The many regattas held on the lake make for a wonderful family day out especially when co-inciding with good weather!

The sunset sculling sessions held throughout April to October, between 6pm and 8pm are a fabulous evening activity.
As well as Dorney Lake, there are many other local attractions within a short drive of the Thames Riviera hotel: