Our New Pool Table at The Thames Riviera

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January 31, 2018
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April 11, 2019
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Our New Pool Table at The Thames Riviera

Welcome to the Thames Riviera Hotel, located beside the Thames River in Maidenhead. All our guests enjoy free on-site parking and speedy, reliable wi-fi throughout the public areas of the hotel as well as all the bedrooms.

Our beautiful restaurant, the Blue River Café, is set on the banks of the river Thames where in winter and summer the food and the view is one to savour. Our tasty plates of fine food won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and there’s something incredibly comforting about being beside the water, watching the world drift by. Ducks and swans bob gently on the water and rowers take the strain as they quickly move past, working efficiently as a team.


Our new pool table and the etiquette of the game

 Latest news is that we’ve just installed a new pool table, so why don’t you and a few friends come over and try it out. You might even like to start a league team and play against other pub pool teams in the area.

For more info on what’s involved go visit this site

Most people play pool for fun and enjoyment with good sportsmanship being key. There’s a pool etiquette to ensure that the game is played in a way that’s fair and without ugly disagreements. Etiquette is mostly about common courtesy and good manners. Here’s a list of some etiquette tips you should take on board:


~ As a player, you should always try to display good sportsmanship during a game. Intimidation or aggressive behaviour is unnecessary, unsporting and unwanted.

~ Do not pass comments when an opponent is about to play a shot. It’s off-putting and could be deemed as coaching, or heckling, which is not allowed.

~ Do not shout, talk loudly or make noises when someone is lining up a shot – pool is a game of skill that needs high levels of concentration. And don’t shout out, make noises or distract players at the table.

~ Do not stand in front of, or close to, a player who’s about to make a shot. And don’t place yourself next to the pocket your playing opponent is aiming at, as this is distracting and bad sportsmanship. If possible you should be completely out of your opponent’s field of vision – normally well behind him or her.

~ Once you’ve played your shot, move away from the table to give your opponents free access so that they can make their choice of shot.

~ Never cheer or shout out when an opponent misses, goes in-off, or plays a foul shot, as this is very unsporting.

~ Don’t overdo your cheers and backslapping when one of your players pots a great shot or wins a frame, just pat him on the back, or shake his hand and say ‘well played’.

~ Remember, your opponent deserves to be treated with fairness and dignity. Be courteous and respectful and sporting at all times.


So now you know ‘what’s what’ we look forward to seeing you gathered around the table!