Reclaim Your Wednesdays! Enjoy Midweek Malarkey In Maidenhead

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Reclaim Your Wednesdays! Enjoy Midweek Malarkey In Maidenhead

Celebrate At The Thames Riviera Hotel, Maidenhead

Celebrate At The Thames Riviera Hotel, Maidenhead

It’s Time To Get Serious about Having Fun…

Next Friday can seem eons away when your alarm rips apart your peaceful slumber at stupid o’clock on a Monday morning.

Five whole days at work, five entire revolutions of the planet before you get to have fun again.

But what if all that fun and nightlife were only ever 72 hours away at most? It can be – but only if you reclaim your Wednesday nights…

Wednesday Night Means Midweek Malarkey!

Fun is not something that happens only at weekends. You have to commit to midweek malarkey or you risk life passing you by.

That means reclaiming your Wednesday nights. They must become as sacred to you as Friday or Saturday night.

So no working late on Wednesdays. No slumping on the sofa to watch TV. No mind-numbing cardio at the gym. Phone your mates, get your gladrags on and go out like you mean it.

No-one’s suggesting that you should go hell for leather and get completely blotto. It is a school night after all…

But you should be free to let your hair down a bit. Otherwise what’s the point? You’re just a wage slave if you’ve nothing to look forward to until the weekend, nothing to break up your week.

Making Wednesdays fun again: it’s not too much to ask from life is it?

Make Time For A Good Time

For a start you can forget cooking. And you won’t be making do with a takeaway either. Nope, that’s for boring nights. Not for Wednesday – which is now officially designated as special ‘you time’.

On Wednesday nights you’re going to enjoy drinks and dinner out. Here you can dine at our riverside restaurant in Maidenhead, watch the world go and shrug off your cares.

It could be a quick prelude to a movie at the Odeon, bowling at the Tenpin or whatever else takes your fancy.

You could simply take your time here over a leisurely three-course meal. This is your special midweek night after all. These things can’t be rushed. Not when you’re in serious chill mode.

Wednesday’s Halo Effect

Going out on a Wednesday night means you’re back in the swim more often. So it tees you up ready for your weekend.

It gets you in a party frame of mind two days ahead of the weekend. While everyone else is trudging through their workaday week you’ll have a spring in your step.

Think of it like a halo effect. When you go out you get to see everything that’s going on – or about to happen in just a few days’ time. Fun begets fun – it’s like you’re on a recce ahead of Friday and Saturday.

You can find out about all the awesomeness that happens here each Friday night…

Like our  tribute gigs and Friday Beats.

So we’ll see you soon. Either on Wednesday…or at the weekend…or any other time you fancy popping by.

For more information, contact the Thames Riviera Hotel, Maidenhead, Berkshire – 01628 674057.